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... is a sub-club of the OECC (OEsterreichischer Citroën Club; Austrian Citroën Club), where the 13 members will drive and take care of their Citroën A- and D-models as well as H-vans!

SCHÜTZEN is the German word for to protect something and is also the name of our home village. CITRONEN is the German word for the plural of a lemon, which sounds similar to CITROËN. So let's translate CITRONEN SCHÜTZEN! to "PROTECT your CITROËNs!"

We participated and will participate in many 2CV-meetings and since 1998 we are organizing the Austrian Easter Meeting. The was held in our country and we helped the organizers to make it an unforgettable event for you!

The club-evening of CITRONEN SCHÜTZEN! takes place on last friday in odd months at "Weingut Kleinl" from 7.30 p.m. on (only if we are not on a 2CV-meeting on the same weekend, so please ask before!).

So if you are on holidays, vacation or on another kind of journey you are invited to spend an evening with us!

Hannes "EISBÆR, O'Hase" HÄUSLER (OHase@gmx.net) oder
Peter "SLOTEN" ROTTER (citronen_schuetzen@gmx.at)

Hauptstraße 30
A-7081 Schützen am Gebirge

CITRONEN SCHÜTZEN! Last Update: July 4, 2015

URL: http://citronen.oecc.at/whatis.html