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2CVs in Austrian newspapers

This page is mainly dedicated to German speaking people (since it makes no sense to translate the articles; all the history written in them is well known by us all). But I made an English page to catch a glimpse of Austrian newspapers and the Citroëns in them. Intentionally I disabled the automatic color adjustment for scanning the pictures, because I think it would be incredible to view a newspaper article of 1st March 1969 on a real white background and maybe even in HTML format.

Click on an article to get a bigger picture.

Thanks to my father!

KURIER, 1st March 1969 Big picture: 87.922kB The first 2CV on this page is - hm - a DYANE.
KURIER, summer 1974 Big picture: 41.274kB The 2nd ICCCR took place in Austria. I was there, but can´t remember anything ... (Yes, I was very young at that time!) The well known OECC was written ÖCC at that time.
???, summer/autumn 1974 Big picture: 70.363kB For the first time the 2CV looked with rectangular eyes.
KURIER, 8th November 1975 Big picture: 87.714kB 2CV-Cross! But this type of sport did not last long in Austria.
(Probably) KURIER, in 1976 Big picture: 84.267kB Wonderful SPOT. Maybe because it´s new ;-) ?
Kronen-Zeitung, 16th Oktober 1976 Big picture: 50.280kB First presentation of CX Familiale, especially for O´Hase, who has one (but the newer plastic version).
(Probably) Kronen-Zeitung, in ??? Big picture: 60.263kB Did you know that Cit launched a special model of an LN? I didn't!

The 2CV - after the stop of the production machines.

Kleine Zeitung, 7th September 1990 Big picture: 181.018kB (sorry) An obituary ...
Kleine Zeitung Big picture: 34.843kB Sorry, no date on the article. But it should be at a similar time as the article before ...
Kronen-Zeitung Big picture: 48.036kB Sorry, no date on the article, either. But this car was at the Eendendam-meeting.
Kronen-Zeitung, begin of February 1998 Big picture: 61.224kB Do you need a date for this RetroMobile ;-) ...
Kronen-Zeitung, ca. 22nd May 1998 Big picture: 71.634kB The birthday-meeting, 21st to 24th of May 1998 in Paris! The photo is taken at Montlhéry after the DeuDeuche show.

13th international meeting of 2CV friends in Greece 1999

Kronen-Zeitung, 29th July 1999 Big picture: 54.799kB And the readers of these newspapers realize, that the most impressive things on 2CV worldmeetings are bikes and gokarts :-( ... But we know it better!
KURIER, 29th July 1999 Big picture: 56.195kB  
Neue Zeit, 29th July 1999 Big picture: 65.616kB  

Car Of The Century

Grazer Stadt-Journal, end of 1999 Big picture: 77.014kB Only one manufacturer has three candidates: Our manufacturer! The results of the voting can be viewed at www.cotc.com.
Kronen-Zeitung, 27th August 1999 Big picture: 33.990kB  

Preparations of the press for the event of the year 2001, the 14th international meeting of 2CV friends in Austria

Kärtner Kronen-Zeitung, 1st November 2000 Big picture: 145kB We don´t think that this picture is taken at the Millstättersee, but the event and date is already written in an official well-known newspaper. (Detailed Info to the meeting can be accessed at http://2001.oecc.at).

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